Storyboard Consult

Is a Storyboard Consult Right For You?

Do you have an idea for a novel or an element you’d like to develope but not a cohesive plot? Or, do you have a hard time creating an outline to work from and find yourself stalling out or writing yourself into a corner? A storyboard consult can help.

Also called a plot consultation or story consultation, this service utilizes the universal story structures and the heros journey to help create a cohesive plot, outline, and chapter delineation of every event that has to happen so you can write your book with ease and confidence.

Storyboard consults are fantastic for authors who focus in one one element of the story but have a hard time filling out the others. For example, if you’re greate at creating fully-realized and nuanced characters, but have a difficult time finding things for them to do, a storyboard consult may be for you.

StoryBoard consult process

Project Evaluation

This is a half-hour-long phone or text conversation where we'll discuss your goals for the project, determine the genre and audience your book will target, and ensure we're on the same page.

Initial Document Review

Done via email, we'll review your existing planning materials and formulate questions regardining where the blanks currently are in the plot, character development, and themes. Then we'll send you feedback and homework. You can use your own outlining materials, but we recommend you use Eyetooth Editing tools.

Phase One Storyboard Consult

We'll review your updated documents based on the work down in the initial document review and discuss changes made as well as troubleshoot new plotlines and worldbuilding. We'll also discuss ways of connecting disperate ideas and hone in on where big-picture events and character changes need to be bolstered to ensure continuity.

Second Document Review

By now, you should have all your big picture elements and character arcs developed. Here, we'll be evaluating for fine details about world building, solidifying pacing across chapters, and focusing on hitting story beats. We'll provide you written feedback on where these are missing and give homework.

Phase Two Storyboard Consult

We'll review your updated tools based on the work down in the second document review and discuss changes made as well as troubleshoot the minor elements that need to be connected or continuity issues caused by plot updates.

Third Document Review

We'll review your outline,synopsis, and chapter by chapter breakdown for continuity, pacing, and character development. We will also flag any minor issues we find that require ironing out.

Cost of a Storyboard Consult

We Want To Do An Amazing Job For You

It can be hard to give a specific answer for cost. Many factors influence the amount of time and effort it will take to do outstanding work. An author with a stronger sense of their story may need fewer sessions and assistance than one who had less grasp of their story at the beginning of the consult.

But I know that doesn’t help you budget. A standard storyboard consult consists of two 1-hour consult sessions and three rounds of document reviews costs $600. For an additional $125, you will receive typed notations of our discussions and my advice. Subsequent sessions requiring review of updated materials are $100/hr. Each situation is different, and total cost is individualized. Please us the form below to initiate a project evaluation.

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