Manuscript Evaluation

Is a Manuscript Evaluation Right
For You?

A manuscript evaluation is like a developmental edit that has been scaled down. The approach is to identify the most pressing issues in either the plot structure or storytelling style and provide an extensive feedback letter that discusses how you can address these issues.

This is a less costly critique that highlights areas of concern inside of your story that should be addressed for revision.¬†If you’re concerned something about the plot is not working and will stop your words from resonating with your reader, a manuscript evaluation may be right for you.

For manuscripts that are raw, incomplete, or appear to have extensive issues requiring a more intense review, we will recommend a more appropriate service such as coaching sessions or a developmental edit.

Focus of a Manuscript Evaluation

World Building

Is the setting of your story immersive and consistent? Are your magic and/or technology systems applied in a believable way?

Character Development

Do both your primary and secondary characters grow, act logically, and behave believably in their extraordinary circumstances?


How smooth is your story's flow? Are there instances where events are rushed? Are there any places bogged down with exposition?

Story Structure

Do you start at the right place, and do the plot developments flow naturally? Are there any derailments or logic flaws in the story?

Narrative Voice

Are your POV and narrative distance consistent? Does the narrator hop heads too much or leave out key details the reader needs?

Thematic Resolve

Does your story have underlying meaning and depth that will stick with your reader long after they read The End?

Elements of a Manuscript Evaluation

Feedback Letter

An extensive editorial letter of approximately 5-10 pages in length that highlights the most pressing big-picture issues and problems in the text, an explanation and definition of each highlighted item for your educations, and guidance on what revisions to make to fix the identified issues.

Consult Time

One hour of complimentary consultation for every full length novel. After you've had a chance to review the feedback, we can go over any concepts that require further explanation and discuss ideas for your next draft.

Cost of a Manuscript evaluation

We Want To Do An Amazing Job For You

It can be hard to give a specific answer for cost. Many factors influence the amount of time and effort it will take to do outstanding work. A relatively polished manuscript with few overarching issues will be comparitively low cost, and a relatively early draft with many big picture issues will be comparitively expensive. 

But I know that doesn’t help you budget. The cost of a manuscript evaluation runs from $0.005-$0.01/word. Each estimate is determined invidividually, so please use the contact form below to set up a project evaluation.

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