Line Edit

Is a Line Edit Right
For You?

A line edit is perfect for when your story elements are solid, but you need line-by-line assistance such as polishing dialogue so each character speaks distinctly, cleaning up narrative exposition so it’s both evocative and succinct, and ensuring each sentence jumps off the page and grabs the reader.

Line editing includes fixing some grammar, updating POV, and correcting inconsistent tense. Although typos and minor formatting issues will be addressed when noted, the focus of a line edit is to elevate the narrative while maintaining the authors voice, and it’s recommended that you have your manuscript copy edited or proofread before publishing.

If you’re concerned that the storytelling style isn’t working and will stop your words from resonating with your reader, a line edit is right for you.

Focus of a Line edit


Do your sentences flow naturally, or is the organization clunky? Are you missing content or using words incorrectly?


Do your conversations come across as authentic and relevant? Does each character have a distinct voice and point of view?


How smooth is your story's flow? Are there instances where events are rushed? Are there any places bogged down with exposition?


Are your descriptions consistent or do names and character attributes change? Do resources, skills, and magic abilities disappear only to reappear again later?

Narrative Voice

Are your POV and narrative distance consistent? Does the narrator hop heads too much or leave out key details the reader needs to understand the story?

Writing Style

Do you overuse specific words or phrases, fall back on cursing or stylistic flair instead of content, or otherwise need guidance to elevate your writing craft?

Elements of a line Edit

Feedback Letter

A brief editorial letter that highlights changes made and further updates suggested for your story. This is normally less than three pages long.

Inline Changes and Comments

A Microsoft Word copy of your manuscript with all updates in Track Changes. This allows you to decide ultimately if each improvement is accepted, rejected, or if you want to update further.

Individual Style Sheet

A tool that provides reference for how your character's names are spelled, specifics on worldbuilding elements, grammar and spelling conventions your manuscript utilizes, and words specific to your universe.

Consult Time

Up to one hour of complimentary consultation for every round of line editing on a full length novel. After you've had a chance to review the feedback, we can go over any concepts that require further discussion

Cost of a line Edit

We Want To Do An Amazing Job For You

It can be hard to give a specific answer for cost. Many factors influence the amount of time and effort it will take to do outstanding work. A relatively polished manuscript with few overarching issues will be comparitively low cost, and a relatively early draft with many issues will be more costly. 

But I know that doesn’t help you budget. The cost of a line edit runs roughly from $0.018-$0.04/word. For example, a book that requires extensive revisions may need more than one round of line editing, and the per word cost will be higher. Each estimate is determined invidividually, so please use the contact form below to set up a project evaluation.

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