Coaching Sessions

Are Coaching Sessions Right for You?

Coaching Sessions are a great way to get advice on

  • writing craft
  • fixing individual plot holes
  • fostering good writing habits
  • organization and accountability
  • genre conventions
  • advertising plans
  • marketing tools
  • short critiques
  • and general writing issues.

It’s essentially a catch-all for getting information and feedback from a professional. If you’re looking for an accountability partner to keep you writing, that’s coaching. If you’re finished with your book, and you’re trying to determine who your readers are or what genres it should sit under, that’s coaching. If you’ve put your main character in a jam you can’t get him out of and need an outside perspective to fix the plot problem, that’s coaching. 

If you’re looking for guidance from a professional, go ahead and schedule a coaching session now. Each session lasts an hour and can be held over text message or phone call. If you’re looking for advice on existing material, it will need to be submitted at least a week in advance by email. 

Cost of coaching sessions

We Want To Do An Amazing Job For You

It can be hard to give a specific answer for cost. Many factors influence the amount of time and effort it will take to do outstanding work. An author with a stronger sense of their needs and limitations may only need a couple of coaching sessions or check ins to achieve their goals whereas an author who hasn’t been able to reflect on their habits and doesn’t yet know what goals they are definitively pursuing may need more sessions.

But I know that doesn’t help you budget. A coaching session is generally an hour long and costs $45/hr. If you would like me to read content or outlining material, a reading fee of $45/hr will also be included, and all materials much be furnished at least one week in advance. Each situation is individualized. Please use the contact form below to set up a project evaluation.

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